an earthy, winter wedding

Carla + Garrett are two of the sweetest souls & together, they are even better! These two said yes to forever on a gorgeous, winter day. Carla wanted to bring a touch of her hometown roots by incorporating pine trees in her photos. The vision for their day was earthy, warm & happy, with a focus on their connection!

Here’s to the Frazells!

lemonade hair + a motorcycle

Ok hi. Brace yourself. Why? Because this session was. a. dream. I'm so stinking' excited to share it with you guys. 

We got creative. We danced. We ran around & laughed lots. We become besties!

Oh, & there was lemonade. "By the way, my family has a lemonade business called KK's Lemonade, so I'm going to bring that to the session." SAY NO MORE. Just scroll. The photos really speak for themselves bc this day was a good one.


oxford for the day

playground hangs. Chinese dinner dates. spend-the-nights. 

fast forward a few years and here we are - all grown up, adventuring around Oxford for the day, lots of talks, my favorite kind of laughs (the uncontrollable kind), reminiscing, making new mems and photographing this part of her journey! also. can we just take a sec and talk about how gorgeous she is?!

Swayze, I am forever grateful for friends like you!! Thanks for showing me around your city.